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NTSC: Region 1: North America, Canada & Mexico

Film Description
Nina (Lauren Socha) is easy to find. She is on the industrial estate, near the gas tower, She is fifteen, addicted to drugs and on the game. George (Stephen Graham) is one of her nastier punters. His arrival turns the temperature up on her already combusting life. He is the scummiest of scummy men, someone you really don't want to be involved with, at all. A magician and a taxi driver offer Nina a quick fix but doesn't everyone want something in return? She won't take it lying down. Scummy man is a gripping glimpse into the lost and misplaced lives on todays backstreets. The film is brutally honest, intense and not afraid.

Bonus Short entitled 'Just Another Day" (5 mins). Events appear differently depending on who you are and where you're standing. This is a view of Nina's world where familiar events can have a completely different meaning and sometimes hope is found...

Pop Promo: (3min 30) The original release of the promo for the Arctic Monkeys track 'When the Sun Goes Down' and the 'Making of' documentary.

  • 01. Scummy Man
  • 02. Just Another Day
  • 03. When the Sun Goes Down (video)